7 Ideas to Style a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom is one of the many sacrifices that people living in apartments in Singapore have to make. However, a small bedroom does not mean you can fall short of ideas to decorate it in style.

There are many fantastic ways in which you can easily style your small bedroom. Take a look at these 7 creative ideas to not only make your small bedroom look beautiful but also larger than it is.

Use the 7 ideas in this article to style a small bedroom. You do not need a huge budget to make a small room look grand. You just need to take action on these ideas that we have provided you and see how a tiny bedroom can be made to look bigger and with more functions too. 

  1. Before you do anything else, change the color scheme

Are you frustrated with comments on your tiny bedroom coming from friends and relatives? Have you ever paused and reflected upon why it looks so small? If you have got dark shades of color on the walls of your bedroom, it will create an impression of being confined and smaller than it is. On the other hand, white or any other light shade can give others an impression of a bigger room. Contrary to what people think of light colors on walls, you can make it look airy and energetic.

  1. Utilize mirrors to give a sense of space

Do you recall your gym or the salon where you get your hair cut? Both these places look huge because of the use of large mirrors to cover one or more walls. You can use the same idea to give a sense of space to all those who enter your bedroom. You can use mirrors on the closet if not on the full wall. You can also get installed mirrors on the back side of the bed to make the bedroom look bigger than it is.

  1. Smart and efficient storage options

Many individuals hinder costly space in their already small bedrooms and install furniture items that are large and unwieldy. They even place closets when they know that they will eat up- precious space in the bedroom. Smart storage is the need of a small bedroom to keep maximum items of clothing hidden from view of anyone who enters this bedroom. There are many beds available in the market that have inbuilt storage options. In fact, there are some beds that even have provision for drawers to keep many other things besides clothing inside the bed. The more bare look your small bedroom has, the larger it appears to be. So store items hidden from view of others and make your bedroom look large and stylish.

  1. Have sufficient lighting inside your bedroom

Many people make the mistake of using insufficient lighting inside their bedroom on top of using darker shades on the walls. Lights can play a significant role in creating the ambience inside your bedroom. Smart lighting plays upon the mind of the individual entering your bedroom as he starts to feel good if the lighting is just sufficient and helps in opening up the bedroom. Soft but bright light can help in blurring the edges and opening up the small spaces.

  1. Choose the color scheme wisely

You may be tempted to make use of a bright and colorful bed sheet and pillows on your bed as you feel they are very beautiful. But believe me, they will constrict the ambience and make the room look smaller than it is. On the other hand, you can make the bedroom look very very stylish and impressive if you choose a peaceful palette in the bedroom. If you have chosen white color for the walls, go for a white bed as well as white linen to create calming sense in the minds of the guest. The sharp dividing lines between the walls become blurred and he is able to look all over the room effortlessly.

  1. Desk that becomes work station as well as nightstand

You cannot afford the luxury of having a night stand as well as a desk and chair in your tiny bedroom. Having both in the room will leave little empty space and give the impression of a smaller than its actual size bedroom. What you can do is to keep a small desk near your bed to use it as a night stand for water and night lamp (as well as the novel you read at night) and as a workstation in day time. You can sit on the chair and take out your laptop to do some serious computing before leaving for office.

  1. Window treatment

It is not necessary for you to install curtain rod just above the window in your bedroom. You can place it much higher to create the illusion of a taller bedroom. Make sure that you use white transparent curtains to further create the illusion of a large bedroom.


These 7 brilliant ideas should be sufficient in themselves to make your tiny bedroom look bigger than it is and also make it look very stylish to your guests.

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