9 Tips on how to Organize your Kid’s Rooms

It is a common sight all over the world to find disgruntled parents holding their heads and shouting at their kids to clean their rooms. The condition of the kids’ rooms becomes embarrassing for the parents at times, especially when there is an unexpected guest at home. Disorganized kids room when you are living in a small apartment can be a source of irritation for the parents.

In normal circumstances, even the kids are so busy with the routine and school work that they hardly get time to do cleaning of their room on a large scale. But you can motivate your kids during holidays or at the start of a new academic year to keep their room clean and organized.

You will find 9 great tips in this article to organize the room of your kids. Use these tips to revamp and energize your kids’ room and see for yourself the difference it can make to your child. 

  1. Get the child involved

Are you frustrated with broken crayons, toys, and books lying everywhere in kid’s room> There is no use yelling at your small kids and warning them to teach a lesson all the time. You cannot expect your kids to behave like an adult at such a small age. You have to talk to them and tell the importance of being organized. If you teach them easy methods of maintenance, you will be surprised how quickly they adopt them and start to keep their room clean and clutter free. Ask them what they want in the form of tools to keep the room clean and organize furniture and other things according to their wishes. Praise your kids and encourage them with their favorite food items when they keep their room clean and organized.

  1. Look at the room from the eye view of your kids

Have you ever wondered how small hands and legs of your kids are? You force them too make use of handles and buttons on drawers and closet that are meant for adults and you expect them to feel good about them. Most of the furniture and other items in kids’ room is not well suited to the needs of the kids bodies. Make changes according to their height and size and see the difference yourself.

  1. Give large transparent jars to keep craft supplies

It goes without saying that the biggest role in giving an untidy look to kids rooms is played by the pencils, crayons, rubbers, scales, cutters, and other craft supplies. Believe me; your kids will love the idea of storing these supplies in the large plastic containers with colourful lids.

  1. Make room for more storage with cabinets that double up as beds

Do you have old cabinets that have become redundant after that makeover in the kitchen? Just transform them into storage options with bed on top and place them in your kids’ room. Your kids will find it great to keep their tools and supplies in these drawers as they can easily find them and get access to them whenever they need them. After all, it suits their small hands to have most of their things at floor level, isn’t it?

  1. Teach them to have limited number of toys for keepsakes

Children do not easily let go of their possessions, especially soft toys and other battery operated toys. Make it conditional for them to have additional toys only when they allow you to dispose some of their older toys. This is a great way of keeping the numbers manageable and also chances of them lying scattered on the floor. Alternatively, you can put a condition on your kids to keep older toys inside a large container or cabinet.

  1. Take help from kids to make them feel empowered

You may not know this but your kids feel proud of themselves when they can help you in one or the other way, howsoever small the help may be. You can ask them to help in whatever manner they can to clean and organize their own room to let them feel proud of their achievement. They will feel motivated to clean their room occasionally in this manner.

  1. Ask kids to give home to every single item

This is a very important method to teach your kids to keep their room clean at all times. Let them decide where they want to store every single item depending upon its importance and value for them.

  1. Teach kids the concept of categories

This is another important way of teaching your kids how to put similar things together. When they know that different fruits like apples, bananas and oranges all belong to a category called fruits, they learn an important concept of categorization.

  1. Teach kids to become smart shoppers

Make your kids understand that they need not buy toys and other items just because they are on sale. They will themselves feel bad when they find these items unused after some time.

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