How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink is one of the most important utilities inside the kitchen. If you recall how many times you turn to the kitchen sink in comparison to other appliances inside your kitchen, you would know the value of the sink in your kitchen.

The sink and the faucet are the most used items in the kitchen. They help in keeping the utensils clean and shining and in the process; they themselves become worn out and faded. It is in this context that one should pay detailed attention to not just the size but also the type of sink that is being installed inside the kitchen.

One can easily feel overwhelmed because of the sheer numbers of choices he has today when he goes to the market in search of a kitchen sink.

Like the kitchen, sinks too have evolved over a period of time. If the kitchen is the hub of your activities at home, then the kitchen sink is definitely the hub for most of your activities inside the kitchen.

Not only do you need to be aware of all the different materials being used to make kitchen sinks but also different shapes and sizes and their purposes before selecting the sink that is best suited to your requirements. But a lot depends upon the space available for the sink in your kitchen. It also depends upon the material used for the countertop as well as the cabinets that have been made underneath the countertop and the sink. Both the sink and the faucet add to the looks as well as functionality of your kitchen. So make a wise choice that is not only appealing to the eyes but also helps you in becoming more productive inside the kitchen.

The three most important factors to keep in mind before going to market are as follows.

  • How it is installed to fit against the countertop
  • What is its size and depth
  • What is the material used to make the sink

If you know answers to these questions, buying a modern and functional kitchen sink becomes easier for you. Self-rimming sinks are the easiest to install as you only drop them in the gap created for this purpose and they are held in place by their flanges that rest over the surface of the countertop. But the main disadvantage of sinks of this type is their inability to allow sweeping of foods and liquids into them as this debris is caught by the barrier between the countertop surface and the rims of the sink.

Undermount kitchen sinks are basically a little below the surface of the countertop and they are supported by the structure of the cabinet that is there underneath. You can easily sweep food particles and liquids into the sink as there is no barrier between the two surfaces.. However, these sinks require elaborate installation by a carpenter or mason.

Once you have decided the type of installation you want, the next step is to take a look at the size and the configuration of the sink. If only you or the spouse will use the sink, you can choose a single bowl sink but two bowl sink is also the option if there are several users of the sink in the kitchen. Next, you have to choose between differently shaped sinks like square or oval shaped. You also need to decide on the depth of the bowl depending upon the space available underneath the countertop in your kitchen.

Material of the sink

This is a very important consideration when choosing a kitchen sink. Stainless steel is today the first choice of most of the homeowners because of the clean and neutral looks of this type of sink. Steel sinks are also very durable and easy to clean and maintain. They are virtually unbreakable and scratch proof even though they make lots of noise when washing the utensils. However, such a sink shows spots after water have dried out and it needs to be wiped to look crystal clear and totally clean.

Sinks made of fireclay are also called ceramic kitchen sinks. They are strong and durable but they can crack with hard knocks with heavy utensils. They can also be more expensive than stainless steel sinks.

There are also available sinks made of different kinds of stones. Many people prefer these sinks because of their beauty and finish. They are hard and durable but they can be porous and need sealing on a regular basis. These sinks have sound deafening properties making them good choice for those who do not like noise during washing of utensils.


Now you are ready to buy the kitchen sink that is ideally suited to your kitchen, the countertop, and importantly your own requirements. You can visit the websites on internet to look at the images of different types of kitchen sinks.

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