5 tips on how you can Create More Space by using Smart Storage Solutions

Smart and efficient storage is the order of the day in urban areas of the country where space comes at a premium and people are compelled to live in small apartments. If you know you cannot afford big and unwieldy furniture items, there is no need to even feel tempted to buy them because you will not only waste your money but also block costly space inside your apartment.

You should always be on the lookout for smart storage options to create more living space in your home. A few clever shifts and tweaks can go far in achieving the desired effect and in making your home looking more spacious than ever before.

  1. No dressing table, no problem

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and wonderful storage solutions one sees in small apartments with lesser square feet available for furniture items are a result of innovation and creativity. If your bedroom is small and you do not have the luxury of placing a large dressing table by the side of your bed, you can always install a large mirror on the wall and get a horizontal plank with mica placed on the wall just below this mirror. You can not only use this stand as a night stand but also convert it as your dressing table by keeping your cosmetics and creams on it. Now buy stools with leather upholstery and place them under this stand. You can even keep your laptop on the stand and sit on the stool to use the stand as a workstation. This is a prime example of smart and efficient storage. Your stools should actually be ottomans with sufficient storage space inside to keep seasonal items of clothing. These ottomans remain out of the way under the shelf ordinarily but you use them for sitting by drawing them out.

  1. Remove closet doors to create more space

Having a closet in the bedroom with large doors is not a practical idea as you sacrifice large space to allow these doors to open whenever you have to take out some items or when keeping some clothing items insdie it. In fact, you cannot place a sofa set close to the closet if it has doors as these doors prove to be a big hindrance. In many small apartments, one finds closet build under the stair case to maximize space utilization. In all such cases, it is a good idea to keep the closet without doors and make use of beautiful curtain for keeping the items insdie away from the view of others. One can always move in front of the closet and also keep an item of furniture very close to it as you do not need to open the doors to use the closet.

  1. Bookshelf hanging on the wall

If you are a lover of books and novels, finding a proper place to keep them stacked side by side becomes a major problem for you particularly in a small apartment. If your apartment does not have enough space to create a place for all your books and novels, why not use the walls as a book shelf? Yes, not only your books get a home but also start to look very attractive sitting inside the beautifully constructed hanging bookshelf. You may not think much of this idea but your guests will appreciate the smart way in which you make use of the space on the wall. Also, the same books that lie unnoticed elsewhere become centre of attraction when you put them inside a bookshelf hanging on the wall.

  1. Bed hidden in the wall

Do not feel bad if you live in a small two room apartment with no bedroom for kids. You can make use of smart storage to convert your living room into a kid’s bedroom by placing, rather hiding the double bed inside one of the walls and concealing it with a floor to the ceiling large mirror.  Your living room becomes the sleeping room for your kids at night but assumes the looks of a beautiful living room in day time. This is a great example of smart storage that is perfect for people living in small apartments in Singapore.

  1. Wall to wall, open shelf storage unit

This is another example of smart and efficient storage that can allow homeowners to store so many different things on small and open shelves in one of the rooms. You can make use of this open storage on the wall leading up to the bedroom and create a feeling a totally separate bedroom in the bargain. You can get a very large storage space to store differently shaped and sized items in the square shelves.


These are 5 top tips to create more living space in your small apartment with the help of smart and efficient storage. You can use your own creativity to think of other kinds of efficient storage units depending upon the area and size of your apartment.

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