The Power of Pastel Colors for your Home

It is not surprising to see people using all kinds of color shads in their homes. Homeowners like to experiment with not just with different types of paints but also colors.

Many experts believe that the colors on the walls of rooms of a home are reflective of the personality of the homeowner. If this is even partly correct, then use of bright colors on the walls indicates the energy, the passion that resides in the minds of the people. Colors are not only indicative of our personality; they also influence our mood to a great extent.

Psychologists go on to corroborate this fact and add that the color choice can even control our thought process. If this is true, then we should pay a great attention to the color or the shade we choose on the walls of our rooms.

Red and yellow may the colors depicting energy, passion , and sunshine in your life but it is pastel colors once again that have become extremely popular among homeowners.

Understanding the palette of pastel shades

What are pastel colors and what is their significance? These are colors having high value and low to medium level of saturation. They are not particular colors but a family of colors that are soothing to eyes. They are not bright but neutral and soft and appear to be nearly washed out. Some people describe pastel shades as colors that have lost their chromatic content. You can compare them with the color of faded jeans that has lost its original shade after frequent use and washing.  You are not restricted to shades of grey when dealing with pastel colors as they can include large variety of colors like pink, blue, green, and even yellow and lavender. Once a color acquires pastel hue, it is at best a muted color.

What makes people love pastel hues?

Why are people attracted to these light and faded colors? This is because they do not appear to be harsh. In fact, they are soothing to the mind and most people who have had the chance to live in rooms painted with these faded colors say they feel very relaxed and comfortable under their influence. Of course choice of colors is not only personal but also dependent upon the fashion cycle.

Different colors dominate at different times and pastels are today back in demand after a gap of nearly 30 years. They were the hues in vogue in the 70s and the 80s but slowly faded away with bright hues taking their place in not just garments and fashion accessories but also plastic items and colors on the walls of rooms. Today once again pastels are being loved by the people and they are to be seen everywhere from items of clothing and bathroom tiles to the walls of rooms in homes. If you have not noticed already, just take a look at the powdery blue and pastel pink shades of polos and tops worn by celebrities and you become convinced of the arrival and dominance of pastel shades once again.

If you take a look at the websites, you would notice the near dominance of pastel shades. Also, the shade charts of companies making paints for homes and commercial buildings suggest that these shades are once again topping the charts of popularity. More than anywhere else, pastel hues look great on walls of different rooms inside homes because they connote positive associations and they are also very easy on our eyes. Who likes to live under the glare of bright colors at home after spending many hours under the sun in the outdoors or after spending time under bright lights in offices?

Advantages of painting your home with pastel hues

Pastel colors are welcoming and they have a calming effect on the senses. You can add a gentle charm to the ambience of a room by choosing a pastel shade. In fact, they may be labeled as pale palettes but you will find that they easily add a certain lazy elegance to the room that you can never experience with a bright color. If you do not like the idea of a monochromatic home using white or beige, pastel shades are the best way to paint your home.

There is so much that you can leave for your imagination and experimentation when you decide to go with pastels in different rooms of your home. You can paint 2 walls of a room with a particular hue and then decide to use a darker or bolder version of the same pastel shade on the rest two walls of the same room.

The combinations and permutations with pastel colors are endless and so is the imagination of the people. These homeowners are giving a new dimension to their homes with unique color schemes in different rooms of their homes.

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