Smart Homes and 5 Things it can do for you

Smart homes do fascinate many and the reason is because it holds so many promises to make our lives better and in so many ways. Another reason is because it has been developing in the background for so many years and many are just waiting for it to come out of its cocoon and bloom into something that will benefit countless lives. Smart homes we believe will deliver on the promise that it will make our lives more comfortable and entertaining at the same time.

Getting a smart home is like getting a smart phone…life just gets so much easier as every object, device and every familiar part of the traditional home is being equipped with smart circuitry.

  1. Homes that are connected to the internet

When the thought of a smart home comes to mind, it is right to think of a place where people live in and in which exist devices within that home itself that are connected to the Internet. These devices have been designed together with its cutting edge software to have the ability to make your life more pleasant and easier. Any device that uses electricity and that can be connected to the internet can be controlled using your smartphone or any of your mobile device. You can give the command either by clicking on a button on your mobile device or by just giving instructions through the command of your voice and without wasting any more time the device reacts to your command. This fast and cumberless process to get things done in your home even when you are not at home used to be something that only the rich and quirky could afford. Just look at Bill Gates who spent $100 million on his smart home. Now however, smart homes and the internet of things are becoming more common and within reach of the average man on the street.

  1. Turn on lights from your mobile device

Smart lighting allows you to light up just one room or the whole house from your mobile device. Also known as wireless lighting, it is guaranteed to complement the beauty of any home, be it old or new. Some systems even allow you to customize the buttons which then allows you to control more than just lighting. You can even control the music, movies and more appliances from just a simple press of a button. You can also have the lights illuminate in the theater when the pause button is pressed and the lights can even turn off automatically when the room is unoccupied. The lights can be set to various modes, to fit the mood that you want for that particular room. If you hate pressing buttons, the latest technology in wireless lighting allows you the use of your voice to control the lights. Amazon has even come into this space with their Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

  1. Windows and blinds

There are many advantages to having a motorized windows, blinds and curtains in your home. They have the ability to automatically adjust to your home’s surroundings so that the amount and balance of ambient light and air flow that is allowed in the room is adjusted without you having to manually adjust it. During the summer time, windows and blinds will automatically open to allow in the fresh morning air and soft sunlight. As the day progresses and we are at noon time, the windows move automatically to prevent the harsh sunlight from intruding your home space and that can all be accomplished with a press of a button. You can practically return to a home that has room temperature and ambient lighting adjusted to your personal liking.

  1. On your aircon to your desired temperature a few hours before you arrive at home

The current smart home technology that involves the aircon has allowed home owner to control their air conditioner and heat pump remotely. The temperature of your home can be set a few hours before you reach home. Home owners adopting this smart home technology will now be able to control, monitor, automate and save energy too. They can share their devices with their family at home and colleagues in the office. One particular smart home product even allows an unlimited 7-day scheduling which lets the home owner be in control of the climate in their home. They can define as many schedules as they’d like. For example, they can warm the house when they wake up in the morning and turn off the airconditioning system automatically after they go to sleep. There are countless other possibilities which allows them to be in control of their comfort and energy usage. Triggers can also be set and they can change the climate in their room based on temperature, humidity and comfort parameters.

  1. Refridgerators that can create your favorite food based on what you have inside

The current line of smart refridgerators by Samsung comes with a connected touchscreen. Called the Family Hub, the refridgerator allows you to plan your meals, coordinate family schedules and even entertain your guest on top of assisting you to systematically organize your home and hence make your life better every single day. On top of that it also allows you to receive updates on your groceries as well as create shopping lists of the things that are running low and which need a stock up. You can also have a peek inside your refrigerator from anywhere too. Have you ever faced the problem of finding expired food in your refridgerator? Well, now you may not have to experience that anymore as you can even set expiration notifications to keep all your food fresh. You can also see the inside of your refridgerator from anywhere as they have installed three interior cameras that take a photo of the inside of the refridgerator whenever you close the door. If that wasn’t enough, you can also get notifications from your refridgerator and sync your family’s shopping lists from your refrigerator door.


These are 5 things that have developed in the smart home space. Things are getting more interesting as more of our appliances gets integrated with the internet of things. The automation and ease of use of these items in our house will change the way we use them and how we view them. A refridgerator for example can now go beyond playing the role of food storage and go on to become an entertainment hub in the kitchen. The lighting system will also help complement that space and if you need a warm environment in the kitchen, you might just have the lighting system do that for you automatically.

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