Creating a Futuristic Vibe in the Home with Led and Neon Lights

Do you feel in awe of homes of the celebrities and those who are rich and influential? Have you ever paused and tried to find the reason why you become mesmerized with the settings? A big role in creating a futuristic vibe in these homes and apartments is played by creative and innovative use of LED and Neon lighting.

Making changes in the looks of the interiors without causing a hole in your wallet is possible with the use of new technologies and developments in lighting. Not only can youmake your home more appealing, you might even be able to save money too.  

Give your home the same effect as the Iron Man cave

If you have seen the movie Iron Man, you must have noticed the fact that his penthouse looks like a place from the future not because of the furniture and the construction but because of the beautiful and mesmerizing lighting solutions created out of neon lights and LED lights.

You may dearly want to recreate the magic in your own home. One of the things you must do is to get the help of the latest lighting tools.

The word futuristic has got bad publicity of late and many people associate it with not just complexity but also prohibitively costly. However, once you take the initiative, you find that it is not as un-pragmatic as it is made out to be.

The first thing to remember when trying to get a futuristic look in the interiors of your home is that you need not have golden, silver and metallic hues inside the home to make it look like an entity in the outer space. This also means that you do not need to change lots of things so that they start to look metallic or reflective and shiny. You can create the environment of the outer space by just playing with natural textures and faded colours.

You can bring even a monochromatic room to life by simply adding a bright neon light that is seen ripping apart the texture and adding a deep contrast and drama.

Replace visible light bulbs and chandeliers with indirect lighting

One way of creating a futuristic vibe in the rooms is to not use a direct light source to light it. You must have noticed how the lighting starts to look stunning and straight from the future in the hallways and galleries of auditoriums and malls when you cannot actually see the light source. Concealed lighting in a series on a wall can do the trick especially when it is arranged in the form of cove lighting.

You can create a softer façade and a dramatic look by hiding the source of lighting. The room is well illuminated but instead of the jarring bulb, you have a pattern of lighting and shading that looks simply futuristic. This is a concept that is easy to follow and it does not cost too much for the homeowner. Maintaining cove lighting is also easier than the maintenance of hanging lights.

Lighting becomes diffused and soft when you switch to cove lighting in new and exciting ways in different rooms of your home. This kind of lighting is perfect before retiring to your bed at night. Your guests would love it when you invite them over to dinner at home in the evening. They would feel as if they are sitting inside a beautiful and expensive restaurant rather than being in the living room of their friend. You can opt for bright lighting by choosing higher wattage but the effect remains the same.

Have you seen the dramatic lighting effect created by placing LEDs under the cars by people? You can use the same dramatic effect although choosing softer lights under the bed in your bedroom. Similarly, you can mesmerize the guests by making them sit on a couch that has LED lights placed underneath. Do not forget to switch the LED lights on while keep the other lights dim inside the room to give a dramatic effect to your couch. Concealed lighting, cove lighting etc will not transform the looks of your home on their own. But they have the capacity to make sure that others get a new perspective of the home as they get to see the rooms in a new and different light.

One of the most stunning and futuristic effect of LED lights can be seen in an open staircase. When these LED lights are placed underneath the steps and switched on at night, the staircase starts to look majestic from a  distance.

These are some of the important tips to transform the looks of your home and to give it a futuristic vibe using LED and neon lights.

We hope that armed with these tips, you are ready to make your home even more gorgeous with the help of new technologies and strategies in lighting.

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