5 Big Impact Upgrades you can do for your Home without Blowing your Budget

You are the owner of a property that is located in the prime location of the city. But there is nothing to make it look different or unique from other homes in the area. It is your dream to somehow own a property that makes people’s jaws drop when they see it from inside or even when walking past the front gate. But you do not have thousands of dollars to splurge to make your home look lavish. What do you do then? Is there a way to increase the value of your home without causing a hole in your wallet? Well, here are 5 big impact upgrades that can transform the looks of your home without breaking the bank.

By applying a few tips that we have prepared below you can make your home more liveable and even increase its value without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Inexpensive changes in lighting to make your home more welcoming for guests

If you are desirous of some sort of renovation that increases the appeal of your property without asking you to spend thousands of dollars, the easiest one of course is to introduce soft lighting.

You can easily transform the visual appeal of rooms in your home by introducing warm lighting and removing bright and harsh incandescent lighting. If there are no widows in the interior rooms, you can create the magic by installing floor and ceiling lights. Have in place yellow globes hanging from the ceiling to throw golden light on the floor.

Concealed lighting on the ceiling can also create the effect of cove lighting to give a futuristic look to the interiors of your property. There is no need to buy expensive chandeliers as you can install hidden lights in series to throw soft light on a wall.

2. Wooden shelves on the walls for your books

Do your books and novels keep lying scattered everywhere inside your apartment to give an unsightly view to your visitors? Do you feel helpless as you cannot create an extra space for all your books? Have you ever given a thought to making use of the ample space on the walls in your living room?

Use your imagination to come up with a beautiful hanging bookshelf on one of the walls. Do it yourself or get it made in the shape and design that you like most to stack the books one against other on the square shelves thus created on the walls. Not only do your books become organized, they also increase the attraction for the visitors.

Make sure to get the wooden shelves painted in a color that compliments the color on the walls and other furniture inside your room.

3. Changes in flooring

You may not think much of flooring but even small improvements in flooring in different rooms of your home can increase the visual appeal considerably.

Take a look at the large carpet in the living room. If it has become old and dingy, consider buying a new one. It is not just the new design and fabric but even the smell of the new carpet that creates a visual appeal for the visitors.

Do not buy a carpet having bright colors. Keep it neutral to make it appealing for all sorts of buyers. Also, get rid of the old and tattered linoleum in the kitchen and install laminate or vinyl flooring if you cannot afford tile or marble.

4. If you cannot change old cabinets, at least paint them new

If you take a look at your old cabinets in the kitchen and closets in other rooms, you will find that they are the culprits in giving a bad impression because of their dark and dingy looks. If it is out of question to spend thousands of dollars in getting new ones made for the kitchen, you can at least get them repainted or get new mica placed over old and broken mica.

You can also increase their appeal by changing the old hardware. You will be surprised how this small step can have a big impact on the looks of your kitchen.

5. Look at the basics before going for cosmetic change

This is a golden advice for all homeowners looking to create a big impact with a few small changes in their property.

All the money spent over a new carpet or the painting job would come to a big nothing if there is a leaky roof that is screaming for repair. Also, it is a good idea to consult a property dealer as to what steps you can take to increase its value for the potential buyers.

An agent can guide you better in this regard as he knows best what it that attracts potential buyers is.

They can also tell you what you can do short of major repairs  to make sure your property is able to catch the attention of potential buyers.

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